आर्य कन्या महाविद्यालय



• The principal can deprive the students of the facilities provided on account of indiscipline and use of unfair means.
• Use of mobile phone in college campus is punishable.
• College uniform; Red check kurta, white salwar and dupatta or red check blouse and white saree, black shoes and socks also. Winter uniform includes black sweater.
• Students will come in uniform the whole week.
• All students will read the notice on the college notice-board every day and will act accordingly.
• No students in or outside the college will indulge in any activity against the reputation of the college. Indisciplined students can be expelled from the college.
• Protecting the property of the college is the duty of every student. If it is damaged, students will be punished individually and in group.
• Students will be punished if they bunk their classes.
• Students will switch off the fans, bulbs and other electrical appliances immediately after their use.
• Students will not leave water taps open.
• Students must keep their identity card with them in college.
• Above 75% attendance of every student is mandatory.
• It is strictly prohibited to make the college dirty. Always throw wrappers in dustbin only.
• No students will stand unnecessarily in front of the college gate, class rooms and in the passage.
• Students in their free time will sit quietly either in common room, library or in reading room.
• Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students who break the rules or behave adversely.
• The students are strictly are required to keep the bicycles in the cycle stand only.
• The students will cooperate with the college in maintaining its greenery environment.

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